Work at CBC

About a year ago, frustrated by the CBC’s terrible online job board, I used Yahoo Pipes to jerry-rig an unofficial CBC Jobs RSS feed and Twitter account. The feeds chugged along just fine (and largely unattended) for almost a year. Then, CBC HR asked to take over the Twitter account. So I handed it over to them. The very next day, automatic posting stopped.

Today, after receiving two (two!) separate comments about how crummy the new, official CBC Jobs Twitter feed is, I set to jerry-rigging again. I was delighted to learn that Yahoo Pipes has reasonably adequate screen-scraping tools built-in.

The result: working, automatic CBC job posts, with permalinks, as an RSS feed and Twitter account. Submitted for your approval:

Again, this would be way, way, easier if CBC’s online job board just had native RSS feeds. Seriously.

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