Tomorrow I turn twenty-seven.

And because someone once told me that “celebration without reflection is hollow and empty,” here then, in no particular order, are some of the things I’m most proud that happened in the last year. I:

  • Celebrated a year of marriage (thanks Jenna)
  • Started running (thanks Beginning Runner’s Handbook)
  • Started playing the ukulele (thanks Tom, and thanks Steve and David)
  • Pitched, produced, and hosted my very own pilot for CBC Radio
  • Started drinking Scotch seriously
  • Helped make another season of Spark, a show that I think is both important and good
  • Schooled another class of aspiring audio producers at Ryerson
  • Took a weird digital cable channel up on their offer to host a fake talk show
  • Formed a brand new rock and roll band with my friends Tristan, Mike, and Isaac

Here’s to becoming old!