Unlimited EDGE data on your iPhone in Canada

Last August, Jenna and I drove to Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan to pick up an iPhone. A few weeks later, it was unlocked. Since then, it’s been an amazing phone/iPod/camera/web device. I really love  carrying just one device.

But there’s a problem: Mobile data rates in Canada are atrociously high. Unlimited plans (like the one that comes with the iPhone in the US) just don’t exist north of the border. For many, this limits internet connectivity to WiFi hotspots, which sadly, aren’t everywhere, and aren’t always free. This seriously affects the “always-connected” appeal of the iPhone.


If you’re with Fido, and you sign up for the $18 Value Pack, 12 megabytes of data are included per month. “Hah!” you say, “That’s a paltry amount of data.”

Yes, it is. But here’s the thing: if you sign up for the Value Pack, you get unlimited data during the first four months. Not 12 megabytes. Unlimited.

I signed up a few weeks ago on a monthly package (no contract) and it’s working great. I’ve called back several times to confirm that I am indeed signed up for unlimited browsing, and the answer has always been yes.

This is covered quite thoroughly on HowardForums.  YMMV, but if you have an iPhone in Canada, and want a data plan, this is the way to go (for a few months, anyway).