Two eyeglass inquiries

I got two eyeglass-related inquiries over the past week, and thought I’d answer them here. The first comes from from a (potentially crazy) man on the street outside my house last week:

You look like Woody Allen.

Are you related to Woody Allen?

You have the same geek face.

No, (potentially crazy) man. As far as I know, I am not related to Woody Allen.

The second inquiry comes from my email inbox. It’s a note about this post about my (then) new glasses:

I saw you wearing these glasses and those are exactly what I am looking for. They look like something you could find everywhere but in fact I have found it difficult. Could you tell me where you have bought them? And are they possible to get online. If not could you recommend a website. Thanks. By the way I am from London.

Looking at the inside of my eyeglasses, I see that they are Paul Smith glasses, style PS-236 CU/SG. Further web research indicates that they are made my Oliver Peoples, and (see page 46 of their 2008 catalog), and the CU/SG stands for Cubano/Sage. I bought my pair from the fine folks at Spectacle at 752 Queen Street West. I have no idea where to get them in London.