Trapped in the Closet, Chapters 13-22

Two weeks ago, Jenna and I spent a long weekend in Boston, visiting relatives. My cousin Emily took us around town, and we ended up at Newbury Comics, where I found a relatively inexpensive copy of Trapped in the Closet, which I first saw almost a year ago.

We watched it as soon as we got home, and then again this past weekend. As always, it struck me as a masterpiece, but left me wanting more. Its narative structure is, after all, patterned after soap opera.

So imagine my delight when shortly afterwards, while perusing Wikipedia’s entry for TITC, I stumbled upon this exciting news:

Chapters 13-22 are scheduled to be released July 24th, 2007 according to the inside booklet of Double Up.

Waiting will be hard.

And just today, Steve Pratt recommended a recent review in Entertainment Weekly of R. Kelly’s latest, Double Up. It does a great job of summing up Kell’s mystique as a performer:

Kelly is kidding, right? If you’ve ever watched him lip-synch ”Closet” in its entirety with a straight face, you know this is a riddle for the ages. Is a sex-as-food anthem like ”Sweet Tooth” (”You’re lookin’ like a big ole piece of cake”) deliberately campy? Your guess is as good as ours.

If you haven’t seen Trapped in the Closet, go buy it (or watch it on YouTube Google Video). I’ll see you in the lineup July 24.