Two weeks ago, Jenna and I spent a long weekend in Boston, visiting relatives. My cousin Emily took us around town, and we ended up at Newbury Comics, where I found a relatively inexpensive copy of Trapped in the Closet, which I first saw almost a year ago.

We watched it as soon as we got home, and then again this past weekend. As always, it struck me as a masterpiece, but left me wanting more. Its narative structure is, after all, patterned after soap opera.

So imagine my delight when shortly afterwards, while perusing Wikipedia’s entry for TITC, I stumbled upon this exciting news:

Chapters 13-22 are scheduled to be released July 24th, 2007 according to the inside booklet of Double Up.

Waiting will be hard.

And just today, Steve Pratt recommended a recent review in Entertainment Weekly of R. Kelly’s latest, Double Up. It does a great job of summing up Kell’s mystique as a performer:

Kelly is kidding, right? If you’ve ever watched him lip-synch ”Closet” in its entirety with a straight face, you know this is a riddle for the ages. Is a sex-as-food anthem like ”Sweet Tooth” (”You’re lookin’ like a big ole piece of cake”) deliberately campy? Your guess is as good as ours.

If you haven’t seen Trapped in the Closet, go buy it (or watch it on [YouTube]( Google Video). I’ll see you in the lineup July 24.