Thou shalt not share

Earlier this year, I wrote about sharing WiFi with my neighbours through a small mesh network, and how glad I was that Teksavvy’s Customer Agreement & Internet Usage Policy doesn’t explicitly forbid sharing or redistribution. Well, that’s about to change.

Effective May 1, 2011, Teksavvy’s instituting new “Terms and Conditions of Service” that (among other things) states:

2.4 You shall not in any way resell, license or allow any third party to use the Service without receiving our prior written consent. You may not share or transfer your Services without our express written consent.

A real bummer to see our little mesh network outlawed. Other changes to Teksavvy’s policies are being discussed over at DSLR. Thanks for the heads-up, Karen.

Update: A ray of hope on the DSLR forums (again, heads-up from Karen).

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