The Syndicate

I spent the past week chase producing for CBC national radio Syndication.

It was a fun job because of the variety of stuff I got to do. I set up live interviews for local/regional shows across Canada about pirates, quick fix diets/exercise/surgery, and war correspondents. I also did a couple of interviews myself, sliced my voice out of them, and sent them down the pipe. I got to talk to Canadians and Jordanians about Wednesday’s hotel bombings and demonstrations, and to the author of a new handbook about visiting elderly relatives. So, a mixed bag.

Syndication is a fun unit. The people I worked with are nice, and funny, and smart. The experience was good for me. If Fight Club is the reason to “cut your hair short and trim your fingernails,” Syndication is the reason to pay attention to national and international news.

Before this week, I’d only been on the receiving end of syndicated content. Now I think I have a better appreciation of where this stuff comes from, and what its role in local/regional programming is supposed to be.