The Elusive Brompton B Pod

Jenna and I are planning some travel to far-off distant lands, and I’m really keen to take my Brompton folding bicycle along.

But how to transport the Brompton without damaging it? The Brompton catalog lists something that I’ve had my eye on for a while: the “B Pod, a semi-rigid flight case; comes with castors and handle.” And after reading this Flying with a Brompton forum thread, a hard case sounds like a good idea.

However, actually finding a B Pod proves difficult. No stores carry them.

Alas, when I asked Brompton about B Pod availability, this was the response:

Thanks for your enquiry, it is with great regret that I let you know the B Pod will not be available this year.

Having first offered this product in 2010 (albeit as a mid-year launch), we have unfortunately been let down by an unreliable supplier which has lead us to the difficult decision to cancel production.

We continue to have great faith in the B Pod, which we know was set to be a very popular product addition, and will be looking for a solution in the coming months.

Eric from Curbside says that though the B Pod isn’t available, the Brompton soft case works just fine:

I’ve travelled tons with a Brompton before that (including the Brompton World Championships!). Never had a problem. The bike protects itself, the case just keeps the frame scratch free (and extra protected).

In the meantime, I’m curious about this third-party Brompton hard case from B&W. Looks nice, but $350 is a little crazy for a single-purpose piece of luggage.

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