The CRTC's CBC online consultation has an RSS feed

CBC’s radio and television licenses are up for renewal, and as part of the process, the CRTC has launched an online consultation. They’re asking eight questions:

  1. How can the CBC be relevant and meaningful in the future?
  2. How can the CBC best deliver content to all Canadians?
  3. Should the CBC only provide different programs and services than private broadcasters?
  4. Does the CBC’s programming meet all of its objectives?
  5. What more (or less) should it be doing?
  6. What should it do differently?
  7. Do you feel the CBC reflects your specific Canadian interests and needs?
  8. Does the CBC fill your need for reliable and authoritative news and information?

Interestingly, the CRTC is using the third-party commenting service Disqus to collect submissions. That means, even though they don’t publicize it, there’s an Atom feed for all submissions:

Worth following.

Also, because they’re using Disqus, you can display things like who’s commenting the most (the top commenters are very active):

  And which questions have the most comments:

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        Interesting stuff.

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