The Canaries play the Horseshoe

So I’m in this rock and roll band called The Canaries.

Turns out we’re playing the Horseshoe this Monday, April 2, around 10pm or so.

Now, I know it’s a Monday night, but there are at least three good reasons to come to this show:

  1. We’re opening for a band called The Manvils, who seem pretty cool. The Georgia Straight called them the “Best Vancouver Band 2006.” And according to their website, they’re headlining at the Knitting Factory in NYC soon.
  2. The Canaries will have copies of our new CD for sale at the door. They’re shiny, and pretty, and sound halfway decent. And I think they’re five dollars, which isn’t too bad, all things considered.
  3. Mr. Frank Sinclair promises to tell a funny joke.

So, if you can make it out to the Horseshoe on Monday night, it’d be great to see you.