The Canaries are now on iTunes

So I’m in a band, and we’re called The Canaries. A few months back, we made a recording, and had a bunch of CDs pressed. Several hundred, if I recall correctly. Though we’ve not yet “officially” released the CD, we’ve sold them at the past couple of shows.

And now, according to Frank, you can buy our recording on iTunes. Which is kind of cool.

Or, if you’re interested and would like to buy a proper, physical CD, I’ll sell you one for the low low price of five Canadian dollars. That’s a whole $4.90 less than the digital version. Just email me.

Our guitarist Mike and his wife Catherine had a pair of babies in March, which meant some time off for the band. But getting ready to get back at it, and we’re playing a couple of shows in June. I’m looking forward to it.