Starting a new blog. A radio blog.

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So I’ve started a new blog. Starting is always the hardest part.

Posts, I suppose, will fall into one of three main categories.

  1. What I’m listening to
    • What I’m working on
      • How the hell I’m going to get work once I graduate </ol> This first entry fits under #2. Consider it a backgrounder.

        I am working on two projects for the CBC. Hooray!

        One is for Metro Morning: a profile piece about Sean Ward, an autobiographical comic book artist who sells his work on Queen Street. I’ve got all my tape dubbed. I have about three and a half hours, which has to be boiled down to maybe five minutes. I don’t think I’ll be transcribing everything. At this point, I just need to find the time to listen back, write a script, and get it vetted. Piece of cake.

        Another is for DNTO: a little feature about what I’ve been calling “trend piggybacking.” Basically, I’m going to go out and figure out what polka dots have to do with polka music. I already know the answer, but the fun is in the finding. I’ve heard back from folks at the Polka Dot Door, a polka band, and I have the numbers for a couple textile/fashion people from school.

        Progress reports to follow.