Scheduled syncing with iSync

I like my cell phone (a Motorola L7) just fine. It’s small-ish, the speaker volume is sufficient, and through iSync, it can keep in touch with my address book and calendar using Bluetooth.

Problem is, I never remember to actually sync the darned thing, so the information on my phone is always hopelessly out of date. So I’ve come up with a solution — scheduled syncing:

  1. I copied Fraser Speirs’s Synchronize with iSync, then Quit script into Script Editor, then saved it as an application.
  2. Then I set up a cron job to periodically run the script. I used CronniX to do this, because I’m no Unix geek.

The result? When my computer is on, and my phone is within range, it’s periodically synchronized with iCal and Address Book. If my phone is out of range, it fails and quits iSync.