Radio Summer = “CBCOvernightOverflow”?

Over on, Dan Say says CBC Radio’s summer schedule is “almost like CBCOvernightOverflow.” And I have to agree.

Browse through the lineup, and many of the shows start to look a little, um… similar.

Crossing Boundaries is

A 30 minute program featuring the best documentaries from public broadcasters around the world, including the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and Great Britain.

Global Perspectives is

Global Perspectives is a theme-based program featuring documentaries from around the world.

Spotlight is made up of

The best programs from public broadcasters worldwide, presented in their entirety.

WorldPlay is

Our annual International Festival of Original Radio Drama brings you original works from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, The USA, Ireland and Britain.

I honestly wonder what the nation’s appetite for international programming is, and whether it’s not currently served by the Overnight service. Or podcasts. Or, uh… shortwave.