Pro Tools on Leopard

A little more than a year ago, I picked up an Mbox Mini in hopes of teaching myself Pro Tools at home. I played around with it a for a bit, but I always seemed to fall back on other multitrack editors. Because I didn’t have to get good at it, I didn’t get good at it.

Then I started using Pro Tools at work, and once I knew what I was doing, my Mbox at home seemed much more appealing. Problem was, I’d upgraded my Mac to 10.5, and Pro Tools LE doesn’t play nice with 10.5.

After a long, frustrating period of silence following Leopard’s release, Digidesign has finally come out and apologized for taking so long to offer Leopard support. Dave Lebolt, general manager of Digidesign, predicts a compatible release will be available “within between 1 and 2 months” from April 5, 2008.

Fingers crossed.