Peter's Cajun lives!

I’m a huge fan of Peter’s Cajun Creole Pizza. For many years, it was directly across the street from our apartment, and our go-to place when Jenna and I didn’t feel like cooking. Pete’s was tiny, adorned with old-timey jazz memorabilia, and usually packed. There were two small tables, one long table (with old theatre seats), and a bar with room for one (maybe two) people. In the summertime, the garage-door front window would open up and let the breeze in.

Peter is Serbian, and the apparent contradiction of Serbian Cajun Creole Pizza is just one of those things that makes me smile and feel lucky to live in Toronto.

In short, Pete’s Cajun was a gem.

Last summer, Peter expanded beyond pizza, opening Peter’s Corner in the former Mr. Tasty location on the northeast corner of Queen and Parliament. They erected the sign (promising “Hamburger, Panini, Steak, Coffee, Gelato”) on July 2nd, but didn’t open until the end of August. That’s a long time for a restaurant to sit empty. I don’t know for sure, but I suspect the 2009 Toronto city workers strike had a lot to do with the delay. Then, earlier this year, both Peter’s Cajun and Peter’s Corner closed, with notes on the doors from the landlord.

I almost wept.

But then, hope. A blog comment from Hunter:

well the good news is Peter is opening a new location in the same neighbourhood within the next few weeks. so you’ll get your panzerotti fix and i’ll get my estate pizza fix…

Well, it’s been a long couple of months of waiting, but today, based on a tip from neighbour Val, I stopped by Peter’s new location just north of Parliament and Gerrard, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they’re open for business. I talked to Peter and Roma, and let them know how much we miss them on the northwest edge of Corktown.

Can’t wait to get a panzerotti.