Last week, I was part of a panel discussion at my alma mater (and sometimes employer) Ryerson University, talking about “Radio in a Digital Age” alongside Steve “Dangle” Glynn, Raina Douris, and moderator/former-prof/sometimes-boss Lori Beckstead.

The video’s online now:

Lori sent out a few questions in advance of the panel, and I used them to prepare a few notes (most of which I forgot). So then, for posterity:

What are the challenges for radio in the digital age? How is it adapting? What will radio sound like in the future?

What is “radio?” If it’s not coming through an AM/FM transmitter, is it still radio?

What are you doing to engage a young demographic? There’s much handwringing about whether 18-34’s are still interested in radio.

What’s the story of what you do and how you came to this place in your career?

Advice you have for students interested in getting into radio?

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