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Listening to CBC Radio online

less than 1 minute read

Often, if I hear something on the CBC that I’d like to record, or if I want to “time-shift” radio, I simply wait a while and pick up an online feed from the ...

Superpowers and Pre-Christmas plans

1 minute read

Finally got my Sean Ward piece in the can this week. I showed up at the CBC this Tuesday, and with the help of Nick Davis, whittled my 6:10 mix down to somet...

For those who love policy

less than 1 minute read

When people discuss satellite radio in Canada, CanCon is one of the big issues. To put things into some historical perspective, here’s the CRTC and Canadian ...

Audio lomography

3 minute read

Ever since I first heard about it last November, I’ve liked the idea of lomography – people documenting their lives with toy cameras. Moreso than the lo-...

Make a nuisance of yourself

less than 1 minute read

From Poynter, Tips for Getting Started in Broadcast Journalism. Nothing you don’t already know, but a few pretty good reminders.

Narrationless stories

2 minute read

Read David Kattenburg’s The Art of the Narrationless Documentary tonight, and was reminded of something I read in Ira Glass’s Manifesto on Transom.


1 minute read

This past week, I started my part-time job as a “Digital Media Assistant” here at Ryerson. My job is to sit in the 229 digital media lab and help people with...

Story meetings, vetting scripts

1 minute read

Earlier this week, I was invited to sit in on two regional program story meetings — one for Metro Morning, another for Here and Now. I’ve attended a few “rea...

The CBC internship run-around

5 minute read

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been trying very hard over the past couple of months to get some type of CBC Radio internship. This is partly on the su...

Can satellite CBC Radio still be CBC Radio?

2 minute read

I’ve been thinking a lot about the proposed CBC/Standard/Sirius subscription-based satellite radio service lately. The CRTC public hearings started this week...