Ordering a “Northbound Southbound” vinyl sticker from

In late December, Jenna and I finally received our Northbound Southbound vinyl wall decal from It’s awesome. We love it.

But though the decal itself is terrific, and looks great in our apartment, the shipping and customer service from Walloper was abysmal. We ordered the decal on November 20, and it didn’t arrive until more than a month later, on December 23rd. In the meantime, Jenna sent several emails, the first of which was ignored or lost (Derek at Walloper cited a “spot of trouble with our email provider”), and they misquoted delivery timelines twice. I understand that walloper is a small company with an overnight success on their hands, and I realize that it’s run by a small handful of people. But still, I can’t help but feel like they could have handled us a little better.

Still… the product is pretty cool:

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