New Nora Young show on CBC Radio

A big congratulations to Nora Young and the whole team who put together her new show Spark. According to the show blog, the half-hour show was just approved, will starts in the fall, and will be

a magazine of smart and irreverent trend-watching. It explores stories in technology, trends, and new ideas that register high on listeners’ personal radars, but often slip between the cracks of traditional News and Current Affairs. Neither ‘gee whiz’ nor cynical about the future, Spark is inspired by unconventional wisdom, by genuinely surprising takes on technologically-driven change.

The Spark pilot team is made up of the same people who bring you the excellent language show And Sometime Y. I’ve heard both of the pilots they produced, and they’re really great.

There’s a huge spectrum of technology journalism out there. On one side is the dumbed-down, let’s -explain-FaceBook-to-Ma-and-Pa-Saskatoon-months-after-everyone’s-already-on-it school, and on the other side, there’s the ooh-ooh-gadgets-flashy-new-web2.0 tech journalism for the sake of tech journalism. I think (and hope) that Spark will live somewhere in the middle, where there are many interesting and intelligent conversations waiting.

This is exactly the kind of show CBC should be doing now.