MailMate message selection direction

I’m a longtime user and big fan of MailMate, a keyboard and Markdown-centric email client for the Mac. Nearly everything about it fits the way my brain works.

But there’s one thing about MailMate that’s always bothered me.

I sort my inbox in reverse chronological order, with newest messages at the top. When I delete a message, MailMate then selects the next-most-recent message:

Image alt

For whatever reason, this just feels wrong. I want the selection to go in the opposite direction. But I never bothered to figure out if such a thing was configurable.

It is.

Today, after years of being bothered by this default behaviour, but too lazy to do anything about it, I learned that message selection direction is indeed configurable via a defaults write command:

defaults write com.freron.MailMate MmMessagesOutlineMoveStrategy -string "previous"

I love software that can be configured to match its user’s idiosyncrasies, and I’m kicking myself for not looking this up years ago.

#email #mailmate