Lost and Found

This summer, I worked on two pieces for the CBC Radio summer show Lost and Found, hosted by Matt Rainnie in Charlottetown. I just put the finishing touches on the second piece today, and the first piece airs this Saturday, on the “Stuff… Lost and Found” episode:

**Saturday, August 5, 2006, 3:00 p.m.


Reality show judge and professional inventor Doug Hall has helped create at least 18 products and services you may have in your home. Davey Rothbart is making a living publishing the scraps of paper people lose or leave behind in Found Magazine. And we tell you what the latest trend is in big concert ticket sales. Those mega-line ups may be a thing of the past. We’re talking Stuff….Lost and Found with host Matt Rainnie.

Mine is the interview with Davy Rothbart, creator of Found Magazine. It was exciting to do, for two reasons. First, Davy’s a bit of a hero of mine. Second, I really enjoyed listening to Lost and Found last summer during its first season, and it was really nice to be asked to contribute this year.

I’m pretty proud of the piece, so I hope you can listen.