Keeping track of radio content using Technorati

I’ve recently been digging Technorati (Peter describes it as “Google for weblogs“). I’ve set up a watchlist for CBC Radio, so everytime somebody blogs about our national public broadcaster, it shows up in my Bloglines.

And tonight, I learned about Technorati tags, which allow bloggers to categorize their posts. Apparently you can search by tag, so I tried to set up a watchlist for tag:radio. Presuming it works, I’ll get radio photos from Flickr, links from and Furl, and blog posts from Technorati, all in one feed categorized by human beings.

I like when information I want comes right to me.

Update: the watchlist I created for “tag:radio” kept coming up empty, so I emailed the folks at Technorati, and they told me that tag watchlists haven’t been implemented yet.

Their full reply, including a workaround, follows:


This is on our “short list” for feature extensions. We hope to have it


There’s one thing you can do in the meantime: You can create a watchlist on URL for the tag, for example:

The limitation is that you’ll only get posts with Technorati tags in them, not blog categories. But perhaps you’ll find this useful until we get our act together :-)

Hope this helps. Thanks for your interest in what we’re doing, and for taking the time to write to us.

Adam Hertz

Vice President of Engineering

Technorati, Inc.

Technorati tags: radio, tagging