Just plain Sackville?

I grew up in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fielding questions like: “Why Lower Sackville? Is there an Upper Sackville?”

Of course, there are no fewer than three Sackvilles in Nova Scotia: Lower, Middle, and Upper.

But now,

Residents in the Lower Sackville area of Halifax Regional Municipality have been receiving notices from city hall asking them for feedback on a proposed district name change. According to veteran councillor Bob Harvey, the renaming process is part of a municipal program that has been going on for seven years in various areas.

“It is mainly driven by public safety issues related to 911 emergency response,” Harvey, who represents Lower Sackville, said in a recent email interview.

“We need clear community boundaries understood and proper civic addresses.”

He said “one option was to have (the) name of Sackville for the entire community” of Lower, Middle and Upper Sackville. But the councillor said “it doesn’t seem that popular, particularly in Middle and Upper Sackville.”

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