Jim Dupree: Enthusiast on BiteTV

Reposting this from the Jim Dupree blog:

JD:E is now officially back on the air at BiteTV. You can catch us at the following times:

* 12:30am (Thursdays*)

* 3:30am (Thursdays*)

  • 6:30am (Thursdays)

  • 9:30am (7 days a week)

  • 12:30pm (7 days a week)

  • 3:30pm (weekdays)

  • 6:30pm (weekdays)

  • 9:30pm (Wednesdays)

  • – Or Wednesday night, depending on how you think of it…

Bite can be found on channel 322, if you’re a Rogers user, and channel 530, if you’re with Bell. If you use something else, you’d best check the table over here.

So yeah, that’s kind of hilarious.

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