Jim Dupree: Enthusiast (inexplicably) featured on iTunes

Last week, Tristan and I noticed that the stats for our video podcast Jim Dupree: Enthusiast were through the roof. We couldn’t figure out why. Then, late last night, Tristan called me on the phone.

“We’re featured in the iTunes podcasting section.”

Yup. We’re one of those six big buttons on the main iTunes podcast page. We now have equal billing with my employer, the Canadian national public broadcaster.

This is a big deal, because believe it or not, getting featured on iTunes was the original goal for JD:E. Making the show was secondary to the goal of getting featured. As Tristan writes:

When JD:E started out back in late 2005, we assumed that since video podcasts were such a new phenomenon, we’d almost instantly become a featured podcast on the iTunes page by default, thereby catapulting us into the realms of Internet superstardom… Well, that kind of success just wasn’t in the cards for us.

Well, several years and almost fifty episodes later, we’ve finally achieved that lofty goal. And I have absolutely no idea how it happened.

To whoever out there in iTunes-land decided to feature us… thank you.

(By the way, the latest episode of Jim Dupree is Cribs Enthusiast, which I think is particularly funny, partly because it’s a send-up of MTV Cribs, and partly because it’s a send-up of our pal Phil‘s apartment)

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