If I built iPhone apps, this is what I'd build

Thanks to built-in GPS and compass sensors, many modern smartphones have a very good sense of where they are in the physical world. And when connected to a service like Google Maps, it’s easy to get directions to almost anywhere.

But sometimes, isn’t GPS precision just a little too perfect?

Sometimes, don’t you wish your phone would give you only a vague sense of where your destination is?

Introducing ThatAway, the first mobile navigation app that’s only marginally better than asking a Magic 8 Ball for directions.

Tell ThatAway what you’re looking for, and it displays a single arrow indicating the general direction of your destination. Nothing more. Nothing less. Forget maps, turn-by-turn directions, and accurate positioning. Just a single vector, pointing in (maybe) the right direction.

Under the hood, ThatAway uses your iPhone’s GPS and compass to accurately calculate your position and orientation. Then, it uses our patented Navigation Obfuscation Processing Engine (NOPE) technology to “sorta get that wrong.” ThatAway hooks into the powerful Google Places API to identify your intended destination. Then, every fifth time you use the app, it “picks wrong.”

If you’re looking a mobile navigation app that’s more like asking a drunk tourist for directions, try ThatAway.

ThatAway: Pointing you in the right direction. Sort of.