I Love

From Tod’s site yesterday:

Today, 6,253 “unique visitors” visited the blog — about a third were returning visitors. I have never seen traffic like this. I will certainly keep it up as long as I’m able to (the bandwidth costs are going to hurt).

I Love has been a consistently wonderful resource for me and many others over the past year or so. It’s been especially nice recently to have such a comprehensive lockout-related site. This sentiment has been echoed over and over on the picket lines here in Toronto, and I’m sure, all across the world.

I know Tod has some small “Ads by Google” on his individual post pages (like this one). I’m pretty sure he’s not allowed to encourage others to click on them, but is there anything to stop me?

So, if you’re at his site (and I imagine if you’re reading this, you have been recently or will soon), and you see a Google ad that interests you — give ‘er a click.

Every little bit helps, right?