I have no job to go back to

Now that a deal has been reached, it’ll soon be time for me to actually find a job at the CBC. Here’s why:

My contract at CBC Windsor was up on September 4. The week before management locked us out, my managing editor offered me “a couple more months of work.” Not a job job, but work. Unfortunately, the offer was too late. It was midway through August, and I had no indication that I’d be asked to stay on. So I’d already made arrangements to move back to Toronto.

Then, of course, we got locked out.

I picketed in Windsor for a week, then for a week in Toronto. Then I went back to Windsor for a weekend, during which I packed up and left. Jenna and I packed up all of my things in the back of a rented Corsica, and headed north. I settled back into The Penthouse with my roommates Tristan and Phil.

And the lockout continued on.

The lockout continued beyond the end of my contract. So I picketed beyond the end of my contract. I told myself I could do this with a clear conscience because if we hadn’t been locked out, I’d have continued on in Windsor.

I stayed up late. I slept in. I picketed. I worked on Toronto Unlocked. In many ways, it was a bit like a vacation. I got to visit picket lines in four Canadian cities. I met some fantastic people (including several of my radio heroes) on the line. I collected my cheques, and smiled.

Then, on September 6th, I received an email from Windsor, asking if I planned to return after the lockout to take my managing editor up on her offer.

I said no.

Why? I’d moved my things to Toronto. I was on the hook for rent in Toronto. I had nowhere to live in Windsor. I had started to fall for a girl in Toronto.

And now, a deal.

Once we go through the ratification process, and figure out how to get back to work, I’ll actually be looking for work. I have no job to go back to.

I’m hoping there might be CBL casual pool stuff for me. I’ll continue to pitch and sell freelance pieces. Hell, maybe if I get lucky, there’ll be a contract for me. Who knows?

The next little while will be fun, or scary, or exciting, or sad. Probably a little bit of all of the above. We’ll see.