I hate phones

But after moving this past weekend, I realized that I need some kind of telephone. And prices the way they are, the convenience of a cell seemed worth the premium over a land line.

But cell phone companies are evil. They rope you into 2 or 3 year contracts with the lure of cheap or “free” phones. And mostly, their “free” phones suck. I had a 2 year contract with Bell Mobility that ended in the Spring. It was nothing but headaches, and I resolved to never give them any of my money ever again. Ever.

So I did some research, and figured it out something I’m pretty happy with:

I picked up an unlocked Hong Kong version of the Motorola SLVR from Canada Computers at College and Spadina for $219. The same phone, locked to Rogers Wireless, would cost $389.99 without a contract.

Then I walked into Fido at the Eaton Centre, signed up for the recently announced $30/month Urban plan, and ponied up $30 for a Fido SIM card.

So: an unlocked GSM phone, a monthly plan I can change or cancel anytime, and no dealings with Satan Bell. Not too bad.

Cell phones suck. Cell phone companies will always rip you off. But this way, I feel like I’m getting ripped of the least.