Full list of CBC Radio 2 streaming “channel” URLs

Update, 11 April 2012: This page is old, and the URLs don’t work anymore. You’re probably actually looking for my Full list of CBC Music direct URLs instead.

Update: CBC now has official lists:

Along with the re-launch of Radio 2, CBC created four new streaming “genre” channels: Classical, Jazz, Canadian Composers, and Canadian Songwriters. You may have heard the heavy advertisement for them on both CBC Radio 1 and 2. To hear these new channels, you have to listen at the Radio 2 website, or listen in iTunes under “Radio” in the sidebar.

But what do you do if you don’t want to leave a browser window open? Or if you’d rather stream using VLC, or WinAmp or something?

Because I can’t seem to find one anywhere else (including CBC’s own Windows-Media centric Direct URLs for listening to CBC Radio page), I’ve put together a full list of CBC Radio 2 streaming “channel” URLs list here:

Canadian Composers
Canadian Songwriters

How did I find these?

  1. In the “Radio” section of iTunes, I browsed for each of the four channels
  2. I dragged each of the stations into a new iTunes playlist
  3. In the playlist I right clicked on each item, I clicked “Edit URL” and copied the URL (For example, the Canadian Songwriters URL was
  4. I pasted that URL into Firefox, which downloaded a .pls file
  5. I opened each .pls file in Textedit, which gave me the above URLs.