(Free) Tickets to GO!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been doing a series for GO! on CBC Radio One. In it, I solve problems in my personal life by hiring professionals. Two weeks ago, I realized that no one laughs at my jokes, so I hired a drummer to follow me around for a day and punctuate my humour with stings (MP3 of the segment).

Then, last week, I noticed that people always hang up on my voicemail. So I got some help from a couple of professional voiceover artists (MP3 of the segment).

This week, I plan to solve another problem, and you can hear it on your radio Saturday morning at 10, or online at

Or better yet, if you’re in Toronto, there are still tickets left for the show. And they’re free. So if you like getting up early, come on down and be part of the studio audience. Because it’s fun.

Update: The show went well. Here’s an MP3 of the segment.