Flying Higher

So the CBC previewed its new fall TV lineup today. When I arrived at work this morning, the lobby of the Broadcasting Centre was adorned with large posters not unlike this:


One of the posters features the “Flying Higher” slogan with an image of George Stroumboulopoulos floating in mid-air. Another features the cast of Dragon’s Den, with an airplane flying above them in the sky. “Flying Higher” is a nice enough catchphrase, especially with all the talk of “building on our successes.”

But the next line just kills me: “Fall 2007.”

Now, I understand that they mean the Fall TV season. But when you’re talking about “flying higher,” implying better programming and higher numbers, and connecting that idea visually the concept of altitude, “fall” can also be read as a verb, as in, “to drop, come or go down.”

Interesting choice of words.

And seriously, if you’re going to include a URL in the promotional material for your new TV season ( for Pete’s sake, put something useful on the website. As I write this, there’s nothing more there than the image you see above, and a link to a video that doesn’t work. Come on.