Excellent t-shirts I have recently received as gifts, part 1

Last month, Jenna and I had a big party in her parents backyard to celebrate getting married. My pal Tom was kind enough to bring along his PA system so we could play music outdoors. In order to get everything set up before the party, Tom and his wife Jhoan arrived before all the other guests.

We got the PA set up, cracked open a beer (the keg had not yet been tapped), and Tom said, “We have something for you, and you have to open it now.” Then he handed me a shirt with my wife’s name on the chest.

He claims they didn’t have it made. According to their story, Jhoan just happened to find this shirt as is at Winners one day. How odd. And wonderful.

As we continued to party weeks later in Toronto and Halifax, this shirt became part of my default “OK, I’m done wearing a suit” change of clothes.

Seriously? Would you believe this is off the rack? From Winners, no less?