Ess Ess Dee

The first time I heard the virtues of solid-state drives extolled was on One Thing Well. Then, Gruber and Dan Benjamin kept mentioning them on The Talk Show. My pal Thomas started swearing by SSDs. And when Khoi Vinh blogged about his SSD experience, I finally broke down and ordered a Mercury Extreme Pro SSD from OWC.

Holy smokes.

I’m now a believer. Our family’s mid-2007 MacBook got a serious kick in the pants. As Khoi said, “It really is like getting a brand new computer.” For a couple hundred bucks, an SSD breathed new life into our four-year old laptop. Now it seems just as snappy (if not moreso) than the flashy new MacBook Airs we play with at the mall.

If you’re considering swapping out your HDD for an SSD, do it now.