Dan pickets for a second day

Today was my second day on the picket line, and my first full 8 hour shift. I don’t think I’ve ever drank more water. Or worn more SPF 45 sunscreen. I arrived at 9:00 AM, and smiled when a colleague piped up, “I saw Dan Misener’s blog last night.”

The morning passed quickly. I got a chance to walk and talk with some people I hadn’t seen in a while, including the not-back-from-vacation-but-here-for-support Tony Doucette. Also chatted about Flickr and with Sue Braiden. For the most part, conversations were still CBC and lockout-related. But hey, when you’re walking around the CBC building with your CBC co-workers during a CBC lockout, it’s hard to focus on much else.

Other local unions dropped by with treats (iced cappuccino!), including CAW Local 195 and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association. Thanks!

I consider myself lucky. I’m young, and I’m portable, and I can live cheap. Most of what I own here fits in a couple of large Rubbermaid totes. I don’t have a spouse, kids, car payments, or a mortgage. Our strike pay is pretty good, and if the lockout continues, I’ll be able to eke out a humble existence. I’m not so worried about myself or those close to retirement — we’ll be OK. It’s my colleagues and friends with spouses, kids, cars, and mortgages that I’m worried about. My fingers are crossed.