Conflict of Interest

Phoned Joe Mahoney and Stuart Einer at the CBC today to set up meetings. Voicemail on both counts. Why? Because I’m in class during the ideal times to call. For the past two days, I haven’t been able to get that last 1/2 hour of tape reviewed for the Sean Ward piece, because I’ve been working on my MIDI assignment and Ian McGettigan record analysis for Audio Theory class.

I haven’t been in touch with my producer at Metro Morning since he initially gave me the thumbs up, because I really don’t have anything to show him at this point, aside from a lot of tape and several pages of notes on canary yellow paper (not unlike this). I need to hurry up and finish my notes and write a script. Then I’ll have a reason to call again, other than to say, “Recording went well. Got some great stuff.” But to do all of this, I need time. Which schoolwork isn’t affording me right now. I’m worried this thing is dragging on, and I don’t want Mr. Producer to forget about me. To that end on the polka front, I emailed Nick Purdon to let him know I haven’t fallen off the edge of the earth.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my classes. For the most part, they’re interesting and enjoyable, and I usually feel like I’m learning something. It’s cool that I get to program MIDI, and listen to records and research podcasting and call it all “homework.” I like school. But it just seems like lately it’s been getting in the way of the real world.

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