CBC Toronto job opportunity

Not related specifically to CBC Radio, but a good opportunity nonetheless. This one appeared in my inbox thrice today — once from Marion Coomey (via John McQuaker), and twice again from Liz Gesicki. Spoke earlier in the day to John, and have already sent off a cover letter and resume.


Duties include: monitoring CBC Newsworld TV channel to record and process reports / pictures for use on website, searching CP photo website to purchase pictures for CBC use, processing purchased and captured images in Photoshop software for use on the web. Transferring various media files to the server via an FTP program and AnyStream software (will train).  Consulting with journalists to illustrate their stories with the best audio/video media possible.  Writing cutlines for reports and pictures.

Writing headlines for business partner media items (not CBC items).

Knowledge of the internet, FTP, and Photoshop software.

Hours (in general) Sat -Sun 3:15 PM – 10:45 PM  plus  some holidays / vacation coverage.

Contact: Mary Sheppard at [email protected]