CBC Radio 3 to begin podcasting

In my inbox this evening:


An important part of our mission at CBC Radio 3 is to explore the potential of new broadcast mediums. It was with this mandate in mind that Radio 3 launched its first generation web sites like, and subsequently exposed an amazing array of Canadian independent music to millions of listeners over the internet.

Now we’re pleased to announce Radio 3’s entry into the exciting new world of podcasting. It’s our latest programming initiative and, as NMC members, we want you to be a part of it.

Beginning this summer we will launch a regular series of podcasted programs. These will sound a lot like what you might hear on our Saturday night radio show, but with a stronger emphasis on emerging Canadian talent and playlists created exclusively from music featured on NMC. Listeners who subscribe (free of charge) will have these programs delivered automatically to their iPod or other digital music player. For listeners, it’s like having a robot who records their favourite radio shows while they sleep. Once the show is downloaded they’ll be able to listen to the program at their convenience – on the bus, at work or school, whenever they choose – and there will be no more having to stay at home on Saturday nights just to tune into CBC Radio 3.