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Update June 7, 2011: MediaJobsSearchCanada’s RSS feed no longer includes 8-character CBC job numbers (e.g. EDM00183), which breaks the whole thing I’d rigged up in Yahoo Pipes. I may someday write my own scraper for CBC’s terrible jobs site, but until then, the feed won’t be updated. Curiously, the MJSC change seems to have happened one day after CBC HR took control of @CBCjobs. Coincidence?

Update May 19, 2011: A representative from CBC HR asked for control of the @CBCjobs Twitter handle. I agreed to change the Twitter username of my automated CBC job posting robot, allowing them to create a new account with the @CBCjobs username. It appears that they’ve created a new account under the name @CBCjobs, listing it as the “Official account for HR @ Canada’s national public broadcaster.” As I write this, the account seems to be manually updated, without automatic job postings. Too bad.

If you still want automated CBC jobs postings, you can now follow @workatCBC on Twitter, or subscribe to this feed: If you were previously following @CBCjobs, Twitter should have automatically switched you over.


Here’s the short version of this story: The CBC’s jobs website doesn’t have an RSS feed. So I made one:

This feed is completely unofficial, and comes with no guarantees. You can also follow @cbcjobs @workatCBC on Twitter if you’re into that sort of thing.

You’re welcome.

Here’s the longer version of the story: The CBC’s jobs website (“Powered by Taleo“) is basically pretty terrible. And astonishingly, it doesn’t have an RSS feed. If you want new CBC job postings via RSS, you can get them from a couple of places, but these sources aren’t exactly what I was looking for:

So, using Yahoo Pipes and Feedburner, I cobbled together a feed that I hope will be useful to some people. Basically, this pipe takes the frequently-updated MJSC feed, and then filters out postings that don’t have “CBC RADIO-CANADA” listed as the Company. Then, it grabs the 8-character CBC job number (e.g. EDM00183) from the title, and appends it to

to create a permalink. Feedburner makes the feed pretty, and periodically sends new postings to @cbcjobs @workatCBC on Twitter.

Obviously, it would be much better if the CBC made official job RSS feeds available, but until then, I hope this helps some people out.

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