Buying travel medical insurance

As part of our ongoing plans to move to France, Jenna and I need to get some health insurance for the year we’ll be away. According to the 2E Working Holiday visa application, we need:

An additional medical insurance certificate that will provide full coverage (for health risks, medical bills, medication, hospitalisation, repatriation, etc.) during the entirety of the stay is compulsory because the provincial medical plan is insufficient (original + copy).

I’ve spent the past little while researching what’s often called “travel emergency medical insurance,” and here’s what I’ve learned: Holy smokes, it pays to shop around! There seems to be no rhyme or reason to the wild variance in prices I’ve seen.

Jenna and I are both thirty-ish and healthy. We’re planning to be in France for ~365 days. Based on those factors, here’s a rough sample of what several providers would charge to cover both of us. I looked at CAA, Manulife, Ontario Blue Cross, and TravelCuts (RBC), plus my existing CBC insurance:

[1. A note: the CBC/Great West Life option isn’t in the same category as the rest. It’s my regular health plan through work, which I have the option of continuing while I’m on deferred leave. It’s not travel medical insurance, but it would cover us while in France.]

Right now, TravelCuts seems to be the best deal (thanks for the tip, Jess Whyte!).

I’d love some advice from seasoned travellers here. Am I missing any companies I should look into? Are there massive differences between various providers and their plans? Really, I’m looking to satisfy a visa application requirement here, and also, keep from losing an arm and a leg if I (heaven forbid) actually lose an arm and a leg.