Another amazing experience at Australian Boot Company

About a year ago, I wrote about how the Australian Boot Company replaced my defective pair of Blundstones. My boot sole was coming apart, they determined the problem was covered by the warranty, and they replaced them on the spot, at no charge, with no receipt (I was in the database), and no questions asked.

Well, fast forward 13 months, and my replacement boots started showing the same problem. The sole was coming apart in a way that they call “talking boots.”

So, a few weeks ago, Jenna and I popped into the ABC to show them the problem. A very, very helpful woman named Casey let me know that yes indeed, this was a warranty issue. She showed me how each pair of Blundstones has a year/month date stamp on the sole, and suggested that my defective pairs may have been from the same bad batch. She was incredibly apologetic about the sole problems I’ve run into, and in addition to a brand new replacement pair of 500s, she gave us coffee vouchers from nearby Dufflet’s.

There are a lot of places you can buy boots in Toronto. But for customer service, you’d be hard pressed to top ABC.

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