A word of explanation about this blog

Recently, I bought and set up, and ported over Dan Misener likes the radio, my old blog about the radio. I did this in part because I found the old site to be a little constraining. Often I found myself wanting to write about things that have nothing at all to do with the radio. The sorts of things that don’t really belong on a “radio blog.” I was inspired by blogs like Joe Mahoney’s and Pete Rukavina’s These guys take a holistic approach, writing about anything and everything.

I like that.

So, from this point forward, this site will not longer be Dan Misener likes the radio. It will be simply Dan Misener dot com, and it will be about me. It will be my personal site. If you’re interested in me, Dan Misener (and honestly, who isn’t?) then please, continue to check it out.

“But wait!” you say, “I don’t care about you, Dan Misener. I only come to your site to find out about neat gadgets and the status of the CBC’s mailmobile.”

Well, don’t fear. I still like the radio.

And I’m pleased to announce that Tod Maffin has asked me to help edit his I Love site. I’m pleased as punch, and honoured to be asked.

So if you’re looking for stuff about me, stay right where you are. If you want to read about my thoughts on public radio, head on over to I Love

Either way, thanks for reading. I appreciate it.