A very fussy morning coffee ritual

One of the great luxuries of a sabbatical year in France is time.

I have time now like I’ve never had it before. Time to go for a stroll, time to sit in a cafe for hours on end practicing French…

Most notably though, I now have time to make coffee in a very fussy way.

Back in January, based on a recommendation from the fine folks at Cafe Mokxa, Jenna and I bought an Aeropress. That was fussy enough on its own. But then, last week, Jenna brought home a hand-crank coffee grinder. Now it’s just ridiculous.

This morning, simply to document my current coffee setup, I shot and edited a quick video:

It’s a simple thing. A small pleasure.

I consider myself very lucky to be able to indulge in it.

#aeropress #coffee