Recently, ukulele pals Tony and David asked if I might be interested in putting together a little workshop, aimed at singer-songwriters, explaining the basics of multitrack recording, editing, and mixing. “The goal,” Tony said, “would be that someone who had never recorded before would be able to leave with enough confidence to make a simple multi-track recording on their own.”

As someone with a hard drive full of half-finished song ideas and various music recordings that’ll never see the light of day, of course, I was interested. So, we’re doing it.

It’s going to be a Roots Music Canada-branded workshop, called “Home Recording 101.” Details below and at the RMC website.


**Home Recording 101 with Dan Misener

** A beginner’s guide to multitrack audio recording

Saturday, May 14, 11 AM

The Fox and Fiddle

27 Wellesley Street East

Toronto (at Wellesley Subway)

Cost: $25

Aimed at songwriters with little or no home recording experience, this 3-hour workshop will introduce you to the skills and techniques you’ll need to capture your songs and turn them into polished tracks.

Through demos and hands-on experience, you’ll learn:

  • the fundamentals of multitrack software: recording, editing, and mixing
  • basic microphone choice and technique, for voice and instruments
  • the sonic value of your closet (or, how to make the most of a small recording budget)

The tool we’ll use is Audacity, a free and open-source multitrack editor. However, the focus is on principles and techniques, not tools. The concepts presented will be easily transferable to many other multitrack editing programs, like Garageband, Audition, Logic, Pro Tools, etc.

No recording experience or expertise required. This is a workshop for novices. You’re welcome to bring a laptop with you, but it’s not necessary.

We will use an overhead projector and portable recording device to present basic concepts you can learn and take home with you.

The pub is providing us our own room and server for the event. There will be lunch break and you’ll have the option to purchase food from their menu.

Please EMAIL to book your spot. Registration is on a first-paid, first-booked basis.