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This is Radio

I just finished watching this episode of Andrew Norton‘s This is Radio, all about Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible: Really lovely. Looking forward to watching the other installments.

How not to do geoblocking

I’ll admit that up until yesterday, I was unaware of the CBC Television program The Big Decision. (Aside: I predict that within five years, every single CBC Television program will be based around Dragons’ Den personalities.) Anyway, I didn’t know about The Big Decision, but after following some tweet or another, I found myself on […]

Everything old is new (again)

Cyrus has a piece up at Ars Technica about Boxfish, a search engine for closed captions scraped from broadcast television: Boxfish captures all closed-captioning information, indexes it, then makes that data searchable in a Twitter-style interface. All in real-time. If this technique sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because Google did something very similar way back in 2005: […]

Exactly why is this video so cute?

Jenna and I both love to watch this video of a slow loris: So, why do we like this thing so much? Check out this chart: According to “A Biological Homage to Mickey Mouse” by Stephen Jay Gould [PDF]: Humans feed affection for animals with juvenile features: large eyes, bulging craniums, retreating chins (left column). […]

Journalists of the future, according to Jay Rosen

I just watched this video interview with Jay Rosen from The Economist’s Tea with The Economist series. The interviewer asks Jay, “What would be the job description of a journalist in the future?” I think there are different jobs that make up a twenty-first century journalist. One is to be a highly intelligent filter of information […]

Video: me at the Corktown Ukulele Jam

So basically, every Wednesday for a bunch of weeks now, I’ve been going to the Corktown Ukulele Jam. It’s just down the street from my house at the Dominion on Queen, and it’s awesome. A few weeks ago, the videotaped the whole night and put it on YouTube. Here’s me, doing a ukulele cover of […]

Adam Davidson explains the explainer

Via Robert Paterson’s weblog, a great video of NPR’s Adam Davidson, explaining how they approached the incredibly complicated subject of the housing crisis for This American Life’s The Giant Pool of Money and the Planet Money podcast: As you’ll see in the video, Davidson thinks that journalists are too reluctant to acknowledge their own ignorance […]