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Early days

What are the major consequences of internet on society and culture? Perhaps it’s too early to tell. Clay Shirky, on last week’s episode of Spark: If you had gone to Germany in the mid-1470s and said, let’s see what this printing press is doing, right, you would miss novels, you would miss newspapers, you would […]

Me and Sook-Yin Lee, animated

A few weeks ago, I spent some time in Winnipeg with team DNTO. While I was there, we watched the world premiere of three short animations based on some of Sook-Yin Lee’s stories. This one, directed by Jim Goodall, is my favourite of the three, and I’m not just saying that because they used my […]

Why your radio show should put transcripts online

Bruce Melzer on why makes transcripts of its radio stories free online: There are solid business reasons for making transcripts free. Sales have been dropping over the years. As people search for, discover and share content, offering free transcripts will boost the traffic to, traffic that can be monetized with sponsorship. Finally, search […]

If you make stuff online, listen to this

If you do creative work that lives online, you owe it to yourself to listen to this episode of Jesse Thorn’s excellent The Sound of Young America. It’s a panel discussion with Jesse, Merlin Mann (of, Mike and Matt Chapman (of, and Jeff Olsen (of Adult Swim). Go ahead. Listen: It’s 55 minutes […]

Adam Davidson explains the explainer

Via Robert Paterson’s weblog, a great video of NPR’s Adam Davidson, explaining how they approached the incredibly complicated subject of the housing crisis for This American Life’s The Giant Pool of Money and the Planet Money podcast: As you’ll see in the video, Davidson thinks that journalists are too reluctant to acknowledge their own ignorance […]

Video: Ira Glass at the Gel Conference

It’s about surprise and humour. It’s a bit of Storytelling 101 (event leads to event leads to event leads to universal truth). But it’s mostly about craft, and if you tell stories, it’s totally worth 32 minutes of your time. From 2007, here’s Ira Glass at the Gel Conference: Present again is Ira’s familiar “taking […]