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This is Radio

I just finished watching this episode of Andrew Norton‘s This is Radio, all about Roman Mars’s 99% Invisible: Really lovely. Looking forward to watching the other installments.

How to fix a Tivoli radio tuning problem

Years ago, we bought a Tivoli Model One radio for our kitchen. At first, the tuning was rock-solid. But recently, the radio started drifting. Over time, the tuning knob got very touchy. Even if I was able to successfully tune a station, the LED would glow bright for a moment, then quickly fade. Left long […]


Last week, I was part of a panel discussion at my alma mater (and sometimes employer) Ryerson University, talking about “Radio in a Digital Age” alongside Steve “Dangle” Glynn, Raina Douris, and moderator/former-prof/sometimes-boss Lori Beckstead. The video’s online now: Lori sent out a few questions in advance of the panel, and I used them to […]

The CBC’s crummy low-bitrate MP3 streams, and what to do about them

About six weeks ago, without any apparent warning, CBC Radio One’s audio streams switched from MP3 audio to AAC. This left a number of people unable to listen to streaming audio, namely those with internet radio receivers that don’t support AAC. Luckily, a commenter named Brian let me know that Radio One MP3 streams still […]

Radio, comics, and abstraction

It’s been on my “to watch” list for quite a while, and today I finally got around to watching Jad Abumrad’s presentation at MaxFunCon 2010. In it, Jad uses many examples from Radiolab¬†(and borrows heavily from Walter Murch) to create a model that explains the relationship between words, music, various types of sound effects, and […]

Alternative for alternative’s sake

Back in the early part of the last decade, when I was studying at Dalhousie and King’s, I spent a big chunk of my time at the small but mighty CKDU, our (then) 50-watt campus/community radio station. My time there was, in a word, formational. I knew I wanted to make radio, but the thing […]

How should I live my life

Ira Glass, in an interview with Marc Maron: There’s this thing that Keith, my mentor, used to say, where he says, “A story, if it’s working, is always an answer to the question, ‘How should I live my life?’” What an interesting lens.

Accepting the things I cannot change

Rob Paterson: My big lesson at NPR was that it is too hard to try and change an entire system. Best to find one or two vectors for change. I have found that a few stations and people will get it and they will discover the new and then spread it.

My plan to stay relevant (and employed)

Over the past little while, I’ve been reading and thinking a lot about a new type of media job: a hybrid position that some people are calling “programmer-journalist.” Witness, for example: From in 2007: Meet the First Two Journalist- Programmers about Brian Boyer and Ryan Mark, both winners of Knight News Challenge scholarships From […]

This American Infographic

A very, very cool project: This American Infographic. My new years resolution is to make an infographic on every This American Life ever made. The idea is to expand and add context to the stories and information contained in the shows. Basically, anything I am curious about while listening to the pieces. That’s a tall […]