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iTunes Smart App Banners work for podcasts, too

Starting with iOS 6, Apple introduced Smart App Banners. If you’re an iPhone person, you’ve probably seen these things at the top of mobile websites, prompting you to download a corresponding app. They link right to the iTunes app store. I recently learned that iTunes Smart App Banners aren’t just for apps. They work for […]

How to get Skype on your iPhone in Canada

So here’s the thing: Skype launched its free iPhone app today in every single iTunes store except Canada. So what if you live in Canada and want Skype? No problem. Here’s what to do: Sign up for a US iTunes account using these instructions (no credit card required) Log out of your Canadian iTunes account, […]

Jim Dupree: Enthusiast (inexplicably) featured on iTunes

Last week, Tristan and I noticed that the stats for our video podcast Jim Dupree: Enthusiast were through the roof. We couldn’t figure out why. Then, late last night, Tristan called me on the phone. “We’re featured in the iTunes podcasting section.” Yup. We’re one of those six big buttons on the main iTunes podcast […]