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Bagless Bromptons

Remember that time I wasn’t allowed to bring my Brompton folding bicycle inside the CBC? After raising a big fuss, I was eventually allowed to bring my bike inside, with the stipulation that it must be kept in a bag. I bought a Brompton cover from our neighbourhood Brompton dealer, Switchback Cyclery, and all has […]

My bike is not a health and safety issue

Update September 19, 2013: Success! Thanks to a terrific, sympathetic manager or two (or three), our building’s “no bikes inside” policy will be re-written to accommodate folding bikes like my Brompton. The new rule: I have to keep my bike in a bag. Fair enough. There are a handful of things about our national public broadcaster […]

The CBC’s crummy low-bitrate MP3 streams, and what to do about them

About six weeks ago, without any apparent warning, CBC Radio One’s audio streams switched from MP3 audio to AAC. This left a number of people unable to listen to streaming audio, namely those with internet radio receivers that don’t support AAC. Luckily, a commenter named Brian let me know that Radio One MP3 streams still […]

“Loyalty” ≠ Loyalty

Apparently, CBC management is thinking about a “loyalty” program: [T]he CBC is considering adding game-like challenges on its websites, offering reward points to keep people engaged with the broadcaster’s programming, an approach known in the retail business as “gamification.” Setting aside my belief that most “loyalty” programs are creepy, I find this announcement troubling on […]

What if every show on CBC Radio had a live chat room?

Now they do. I’ve been thinking a lot about radio and live chat ever since I started listening to shows on Dan Benjamin’s 5by5 network. You see, many of the shows on 5by5 are recorded live. If you’re so inclined, you can tune into these shows and listen along in real time as they’re recorded. […]

How not to do geoblocking

I’ll admit that up until yesterday, I was unaware of the CBC Television program The Big Decision. (Aside: I predict that within five years, every single CBC Television program will be based around Dragons’ Den personalities.) Anyway, I didn’t know about The Big Decision, but after following some tweet or another, I found myself on […]

Back asswards

I don’t often get my CBC budget cut analysis from the sports section, but maybe I should. From Bruce Dowbiggin’s take on the recent cuts: CBC’s core business, its relevance to the public, would probably be in the following order: 1. News and current affairs; 2. Radio; 3. Sports; 4. Light entertainment. The problem with […]

“That tech show”

Back in June 2007, I got an email from Nora Young. The subject line read: that tech show At the time, I knew Nora had been working on a pitch for a show called Spark. I’d heard the pilots, and they sounded great. But in June 2007, when I first got Nora’s message, I had […]

The CRTC’s CBC online consultation has an RSS feed

CBC’s radio and television licenses are up for renewal, and as part of the process, the CRTC has launched an online consultation. They’re asking eight questions: How can the CBC be relevant and meaningful in the future? How can the CBC best deliver content to all Canadians? Should the CBC only provide different programs and […]

Work at CBC

About a year ago, frustrated by the CBC’s terrible online job board, I used Yahoo Pipes to jerry-rig an unofficial CBC Jobs RSS feed and Twitter account. The feeds chugged along just fine (and largely unattended) for almost a year. Then, CBC HR asked to take over the Twitter account. So I handed it over to them. […]